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Donation by Carter Taliaferro

The box was received in 2008.  


“I would like to send your grotto a box of vertical caving equipment I used as a past member of your grotto back in the early sixties.  I caved with Dr. Warren Brown and Roger Baroody and was a member of the cave rescue group.  Roger and I used Brunton Compass all the time including Gilleys in Pendalton Co., WVa.  Also helped out with the original "Caves of Virginia" and the maps along with Hell Hole and Grapevine.  Taught rappelling and rock climbing at Ravens Roost on the Shenandoah Pkwy. --Carter Taliaferro”


The donation included:


A Justrite Carbide Lamp, with 3 extra bottoms and spare parts.

Vertical gear, including seat harness, rappel device (carabineers fitted with brake bars), 2 old style Jumars (left and right hand)

Pocket knifes and whet stone

Camping gear

The donation is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use, except for the vertical equipment, due to it’s age and technological obsolescence.  The vertical gear, carbide lamp and parts, and the backpack are currently stored with the grotto equipment.  Other items were divided among the members, except the sardines – no one wanted them – I can’t imagine why, the seal wasn’t broken on the cans!

--Bill Murray