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Glade, November 14th, 2010

Trip led by Callie Bouchard
  • Sarah Heiser
  • Brittany Kingery
  • Aaron Kingery
  • Callie Bouchard
  • ? Davis
  • Elizabeth Light
  • Scott Davis

Report by Sarah Heiser

Sunday November 14, 2010, five of us met in the Great Value parking lot around 730 am to head out together for Glade cave.  Callie and Elizabeth took one car, Sarah and her two guests, Brittany and Aaron Kingery in another.  Once in the glorious field of cow patties our little group became seven and met up with Scott Davis and his son.  Equipped with a map and Callie as our guide we crawled down into Glade cave leaving the sun behind. This was the first trip underground for three in our group.  Glade was just the right amount of wet and muddy; we saw a couple pretty formations and some running water.  There were some crawls and climbs that were challenging to some, but we had fun leisurely making our way to the back of the cave. The entire trip was just under four hours and went very well, I think everyone would go again!

Photo by Scott Davis