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January 3rd, 2010

Sunday January 3, 2010 Page County Cave Survey Trip Report

Scott Wahlquist

Driving, not so early Sun. am towards Luray. Cell phone call from our fearless leader. Got out of
a certain SW Va. cave at 6:30 am. back in C'ville for sleep. Won't be there.

Met Callie Bouchard at the park-and-ride. Met Jeff Jahn at the Cooley's Cave property. Janet calls Jeff
from the park-and-ride. Said go ahead and get started.

Jeff and Callie survey one of the small caves (don't remember the name they gave it, but I think it was
Really Drunk on Hard Liquor Cave).

Jeff begins his career as a sketcher (as all good sketchers, he said "I'll take these notes home and re-do
them so someone might be able to make some sense of them).

Visiting legend, Josh Rubinstein, and Scott Wahlquist do the surface survey to tie all the caves and karst
features together. IT'S COLD!!!

Lunch in the car, so under foot dressed Calllie can get her feet warm.

Our real fearless leader (Janet Tinkham) arrives and goes on about the great land owner relationships
(and new CAVES to survey) that she has been working on all morning. YEH JANET!

Jeff leaves, we finish the surface survey, and the second small cave, go to try and beat Uncle Charlie's

Our other fearless leader arrives just in time for dinner.

We all go home.

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