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March 3rd, 2011

Page County Survey Trip Report

On March 3, 2011 Callie Bouchard, Edward Smith, and Janet Tinkham walked a property
of about 20 acres near the airport in Luray on Rout 211 as part of the Page County

The property has one known cave (Ellie’s Cave) and one good dig. There are also dozens
of sink holes, some as much as 75’ in diameter.

The dig is at the bottom of a hole about 12’ deep following limestone walls almost
straight down. Rocks dropped into a small hole at the bottom bounce and fall into water
about another four feet below. This hole sits on a hill about 25’ above a large creek

We surveyed Ellie’s Cave (60.2’) in about two hours. It is relatively flat and linier
trending southwest to northeast ending in a soil filled drain. Five healthy bats were
found hibernating on the ceiling. The walls are smooth and serpentine. We found some
graffiti and an old chain nailed to a wall. An old, small trap was found nearby presumably
attached to the chain at one time. There was also a 1” galvanized pipe coming out of the
ceiling. Another pipe was found going in to a tight side passage and disappearing into a

We were done for the day by about 1pm.