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August 11, 2007

We had a very successful weekend. We surveyed Robert's Brother's Cave Hill
Farm Cave which was a little over a hundred feet long.

We had two guests who joined us from the Washington Post to write an
article on caving.  Delphine, the journalist, was accompanied by Tracey,
the photographer.  They spent the day interviewing everyone, from the
cavers to the landowners.  I thought the interview went very well.
Delphine will be turning the story in to her editor toward the end of the
week.  She was not sure when it was going to run, but she will let me know
and I'll pass that information on
to you.

A special thanks to Molly and Brian Cadieux, Brein Ferris, Rick Lambert
and Ed Smith for having patience for all the interview questions and
pictures.  I also appreciate your help getting the landowners family in
and out of the cave safely.

Larry Baer